SlimnSaucy promotes genius ideas for busy women. Our latest idea Freeze You Up! is a simple but brilliant one (even if we do say so ourselves)…

Seven friends or family members get together once a month and each cook three meals in large quantities. You put your music on, catch-up with each other and have a laugh, maybe even go for a well earned glass of wine at the end of the day. Importantly though, you all finish up with twenty-one nutritious, low-fat, family-sized meals to put into the freezer at home. These will see you conveniently through the working weeks for the month ahead.  But don’t take our word for it, read what others are saying about us in the press.

You can use the time usually spent meal planning, shopping and cooking, to enjoy something much more exciting or relaxing during the week. You and your family will be eating more healthily without having to think about it. Plus making more time for yourself will improve your wellbeing even more.

We want to start a SlimnSaucy revolution and witness cook and share groups springing up all over the country. We believe that we can help the nation to lose weight and eat more healthily in a way that’s economical and convenient for families. We don’t want to have to compromise on flavour, quality or nutrition to do this and we don’t want you to have to either.

Our recipes are tried, tested and versatile. They’re  free to download so that you can start a group of your own, wherever you live.  It will cost each member of your group around £6 per meal (£30 per week) from their monthly shopping budget, to cover the cost of the ingredients for their twenty-one family meals. We think that makes it economical too.

In our home town of Salford, we’re using a brand new community kitchen facility at Oasis Academy MediaCityUK .  Head Teacher, Mr Patrick Ottley O’Connor, is keen to ensure that their facilities are freely accessible to communities. Click here to see more on developing Freeze You Up! with young people and Salford City Council’s Health Improvement Service too.

Sign up to this blog or like us on Facebook to keep in touch with all the latest news and why not invite your friends to start your own SlimnSaucy: Freeze You Up! club? If you want to join my group in Salford, email me at jayne@slimnsaucy.com.

Thanks for joining us on our mission!

Love Jayne and Jane xxx

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