The Delicate Matter of Taste

I don’t know if anyone remembers a series by Martin Parr called, Signs of the Times. He explored the, ‘delicate matter of the nation’s taste’.

Filming inside people’s homes he recorded their commentary on why they’d bought certain objects. It was excruciating but compulsive viewing, silently making judgments on people because of the things that they owned.

If you look in my food cupboard I wonder what you’d think. I have to admit that ‘tasteful’ pieces are few and far between as in most supermarkets you have to look really hard for a beautiful object. A couple in cereals, chocolate, tea, soft drinks and preserves about sums it up (serious apologies if I’ve missed someone out, I’ve just remembered a great one in sausages and obviously taste is totally subjective).

Anyway, in the spirit of being Saucy, I thought we’d run a couple of polls. We’d love your ideas please on: 1) the most beautiful food brand (I can’t say sexy food brand because I’m convinced everyone will say GÜ) 2) the most beautiful food brand that you’ve had the longest relationship with.  

Here’s some great inspiration showing fifty beautiful packaging ideas, and I wish my food cupboard was full of this stuff.

So, I’ll go first 1) I’m going to go Bottle Green and 2) definitely Green & Blacks

Send us your thoughts X

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4 thoughts on “The Delicate Matter of Taste

  1. Dave Ratcliffe

    I’ll go for Mentos chews ( I bought them just for the wrapping, so that worked!), and Choccywoccydoodah,(natch, cos I drew the logo!).

  2. Paula

    My 1st is clipper teas – due to their simplicity and that they convey a real sense of well being. 2nd would be all interesting real ale labels due to their originality and sense of humour!!! Esp Blonde Witch from the Moorhouses brewery!

  3. Angela Eden

    You have inspired me to take a long hard look in my cupboards, and its not a pretty sight. I couldn’t find one single item that could be considered beautiful. And yet, there’s something special and rather comforting about Marmite and Colman’s Mustard Powder.

  4. Lisa Pendlebury

    Not a great deal of beauty in my cupboards but to cover both questions I would say anything by Carluccio’s. Simple design, fabulous taste and anything those Italians do is sexy!!

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