The Frozen Aisle

‘Studies have confirmed that food starts to lose its nutritional value as soon as it’s harvested. Freezing food within hours dramatically slows down the rate of deterioration and frozen vegetables retain their natural Vitamin C more than fresh vegetables’.

I love this fact! Cooking from frozen is so quick, we just need some really great products available in the freezer and a few are starting to appear.

Sainsbury’s has a new fresh frozen range including frozen plum tomatoes, frozen mushrooms and frozen roasted vegetables. I decided to try out the new chopped vegetable mix first, containing onions, celery and carrots . I used it as a base to make Vegetable and Red Lentil Soup and Thai Spiced Noodles with Pak Choi. Both meals are low in fat, contain all natural, unprocessed ingredients and both meals were cooked concurrently (including absolutely all preparation) in less than 17 minutes, to provide dinner and lunch for the next day. My recipes are below.

Recipe 1: Vegetable and Red Lentil Soup

I placed the chopped frozen vegetables into a pan of water, added red lentils and heated. When the lentils were cooked through, I added fresh coriander and used a hand blender to get the required consistency. 

Total time to prepare and cook 17 minutes.

Tip. Throw in some frozen garlic and ginger for added flavour and add tinned tomatoes, cayenne, paprika, turmeric and cumin to spice it up. This is a great base soup which you can alter to suit your taste.

Recipe 2: Thai Spiced Noodles with Pak Choi

I fried the turkey mince and the chopped vegetable mix in one calorie spray oil until almost cooked through and then added the Gang Ped paste for a minute at the end. I removed the mix from the pan, replaced with noodles, a little water and sesame oil for flavour. As the noodles softened, I placed washed Pak Choi on top and covered briefly. I served the noodles, spiced mince and vegetables with fresh coriander and a generous squeeze of lime on top.

Total time to prepare and cook 14 minutes.

Tip. I removed half of the mince mix before adding the Thai spice and added chopped tomatoes  instead for the kids. They ate four types of vegetables, some lean protein, as well as carbohydrates in this meal and it went down a treat!

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One thought on “The Frozen Aisle

  1. Cath Shea

    Mmmm tried that spicy soup recipe – yummy! Thanks for the top tip re frozen veg – I will never look back 🙂

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