Breakfast and lunch on the go…

Its that time of year again, the Christmas Countdown, when I try to lose a few pounds before the festivities. Last year I peaked too soon, lost weight early but on the big day had to wear leggings. Not good! This year I’m starting a bit later, today in fact. The idea for using Kilner Jars for lunch came through Pintrest, so I thought I’d give it a go. They certainly look ace! Today I’ll be eating Greek style fat free yoghurt with fruit compote and seeded granola (breakfast) and beetroot, smoked haddock, horseradish and cous cous salad (lunch).


added in the evening…

It was really delicious!

Ingredients: Layered beetroot, mixed salad drizzled with olive oil and black pepper, cous cous with raisins and smoked mackerel blended with creamed horseradish.

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5 thoughts on “Breakfast and lunch on the go…

  1. Paula

    Looks yummy!!! Me is inspired- just need to buy the jars oh and the food!!

  2. Sam

    food looks really great, but does the dishwasher get the jars clean or do bits get stuck around the top?

  3. Hi Sam. I don’t have a dish washer so can’t comment sorry 😦

  4. HollyPass

    This looks gorgeous and all very healthy! X

  5. Dave Ratcliffe

    I’ve started my pre-xmas diet too! No more than 2 bottles of rose wine
    and a pack of pork scratchings OR a bottle of Bailey’s(no need for scatchings as Bailey’s already has a high protien content!) a night! Good luck fellow slimmers!!!

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