Slim n Saucy FREEZE YOU UP!

Slim n Saucy is launching two exciting new projects with Salford City Council’s Health Improvement Service and Oasis Academy Media City UK.

This first will enable seven female friends or family members, to use community cooking facilities at Oasis Academy once a month. Each woman will cook three nutritionally balanced meals (in large quantities) to share with the group and will take home twenty-one family meals to put into their freezer at home. These can be used conveniently, Monday to Friday for the whole month, to provide a varied and healthy, home-cooked diet for the family. If you’re interested in being one of the first seven women to try the ‘cook once a month and lose weight’ model, please email

I’m really excited about this project. I’ve been working hard to develop menus which include all of the major food groups. I’ll know, when I pull one of the Slim n Saucy meals out of the freezer, my family’s health has already been taken care of. As a busy mum, with a part-time job and starting my own business on-top of this, I can’t wait to not have to worry about weekly shopping and planning family meals every day. I’m hoping to reclaim some time to spend on myself.

At an average of £6 per meal per family, this model provides real value for money. It will enable families to eat home-cooked, nutritious meals, on a budget and in a convenient way. Full menus and recipes will be posted onto the Slim n Saucy website for you to download freely. There will be additional advice posted on how to start a ‘cook once a month and lose weight’ project near you.

With Salford City Council, the second project will roll out an adapted version of  ‘Freeze You Up!’ for schools. Eight school children from Year 7 at Oasis Academy will be coming together once a week to cook five family meals to put into their freezer at home. The project will run as a pilot for six weeks from 11th April 2013 and we’ll be interested to hear whether their families feel that it helps them to eat more healthily and spend more quality time together.

I’ll be posting images, information and results from the project onto this blog and Facebook.



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3 thoughts on “Slim n Saucy FREEZE YOU UP!

  1. Cath

    This cooking project is brilliant! Inspiring! Good luck with it. I don’t live nearby but will be watching. What a fantastic idea. Move over Jamie Oliver 🙂

  2. Sharon Vardar

    Hi Jayne. Could we ask for our names to be put down,. For the May date at oasis Academy. We work in the office.
    Sharon Vardar and Christine Ryder

    • Hi Sharon. Great! I will add you to my list and will set a date for May.
      Best wishes, Jayne

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