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Get in touch via email:  jayne@slimnsaucy.com

In 2010, I founded the concept for SlimnSaucy after identifying a growing trend among my family and friends with no-one catering for us. Put simply, my friends and I are busy women with little time to cook. We’re all conscious of our weight but we don’t want to eat artificial fat and sugar replacements, ready meals or other processed food. We’re interested in our own health and the health of our children. So whilst full details are commercially sensitive at present, we have been developing a totally new concept for weight control and you can read a bit more about our product ideas here.  Our range is 100% natural, fat-free, frozen (to lock in essential vitamins and minerals from real food) and there isn’t a ready meal in sight! If we’re sparking your interest, then follow us!

I say us because in September of this year I asked Jane Finnis, my first ever boss and subsequent very good friend to join me in developing SlimnSaucy and its on-line presence. Jane is incredibly creative and has a great head for business and all things on-line. As the CEO of Culture24, she’s led the organisation to become the UK’s foremost non-profit cultural online publishers.

So for SlimnSaucy Jane and I are back together again, working on our shared love of food and bringing our passion for genius ideas, creativity and culture with us.

Jayne Hobin-Wright and Jane Finnis



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